Offshore Engineering and Installation of two Living Quarters (FX and FY) in Foroozan Offshore Complex

        Client: NARDIS  ---  Status: ONGOING

Foroozan oilfield in the Persian Gulf is under reconstruction and renovation by the joint venture of Nardis-Arpa Group.

This oilfield is located approximately 100km southwest of Kharg Island export terminal.

Delta Offshore Technology (Delta) is cooperating with Nardis-Arpa Group JV as the installation contractor of two platforms in the Foroozan oilfield (FX and FY LQs).

FX LQ, a 250ton living quarter, was installed on 30 th May 2011 successfully by Delta. FX LQ which is constructed in two floors provides accommodation for 21 person, a control room, a theater and a restaurant.

All stages of FX LQ installation project including the Installation Engineering, Mooring Analysis, Anchor Handling Operation and Installation Operation was executed by Delta.

FY LQ is a 750tons/3 floors platform which provides accommodation for 42 person.

The installation engineering of FY LQ has been carried out by Delta Offshore Technology co.

The installation operation of this platform will be executed in the future.



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