Construction of basin & sea water intake pipeline for Mokran petrochemical complex

        Client: NMPC  ---  Status: Ongoing

Negin Mokran Development Petrochemical Co. (NMPC) has decided to develop a third hub of Petrochemical Industries in Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone. Based on detailed investigation, 1,200 hectares of Chabahar Free Trade- Industrial Zone with dimensions of 2.7 × 4.4 Km has been allocated for petrochemical zone.

Mokran Abniroo company "MAN" (a sub-company of NMPC), is willing to initiate the construction process of "Sea water Intake of MOKRAN Petrochemical Complex- Phase I" Project to supply 560,000 cubic meter seawater per day for desalination purposes. Delta Offshore Technology is appointed as EPC contractor of basic design endorsement, detail design engineer-ing, procurement, construction/installation and commissioning facili-ties of the seawater intake/outfall system.

For construction of intake and outfall pipelines and to protect the environment and avoid delays due to harsh conditions of Oman Sea and hard layer of seabed, it was decided to install concrete pipes by microtunneling method.

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