Management, Drilling Operation, Maintenance, Provision and Supply of Professional Key Personal of Amirkabir Semisubmersible Drilling Unit (AKSSDU)

        Client: NDCO  ---  Status: COMPLETED

Amirkabir Semisubmersible Drilling Unit (AKSSDU) was designed and constructed to execute oil and gas exploration drilling operations in the Caspian sea.

This semi-submersible drilling rig can operate at water depths up to 1,000 meters and drill down to 6,000 meters under the seabed. KEPCO has the mission of exploring Caspian sea to find oilfields and carrying out the corresponding drilling operations.

Delta Offshore Technology is NDCO's subcontractor (the drilling contractor of KEPCO) to perform management, drilling operation, maintenance, provision and supply of professional key personal and highly qualified experts for on & offshore drilling operations of the Amirkabir semisubmersible drilling unit (AKSSDU) and other land or offshore drilling units.

AKSSDU is currently located at a location with the distance of 250km from shore and water depth of 700m performing a discovery drilling operation.

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